Farm No. 5 in Kunnersdorf, commonly known as 'Körnergut', did not have the typical names like Raute, Herrmann and Knobloch. The name "Körnergut" derives from the last owner before 1900, Johann Traugott Kerner. Between 1945 and 2004 it was part of the Kunnersdorf knight's estate.

The farms in Kunnersdorf were a major part of the village landscape and fields. Some of them survived in good condition, while others were destroyed. In the 13th century, settlers from the west established more than 20 peasant settlements, but later a few of these were subdivided, leaving around 21 settlements by 1830. Today, however, no farms are active in Kunnersdorf and most of the land is managed by AGRAR GmbH "Schöpstal", based in Ebersbach.